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We are a team of engineers and developers among the first to enter the virtual reality market. Not only that we utilize ready-to-use technologies and gadgets in our developments but we also decided to create ours, ones that are more technological, cheaper and now offering the maximum effect of immersion in virtual reality.


The tracking system that we have developed and the VR suit allow you to build virtual reality projects on any size of a playground using an unlimited number of users and a variety of interactive items.


You can easily move to any distance, no matter how complex the local architecture is. You will fully master your avatar through the natural movements of your body, as in real life; this is a key element of our virtual reality suit, to allow you to capture even minor movements of your body, including your fingers.


The efficiency, interest and demand of our technologies and projects have proven themselves at many technological exhibitions and also by achieving the completion of 9 projects in 7 different countries.


The foundation of our company began in late 2015 and we have had great success since its inception. Currently, our team has more than 20 people, which allows us to develop new projects and improve our technologies rapidly.


VR SUIT THE PSYCHO - The suit in virtual reality is a system of sensors distributed on parts of the human body.

This technology allows a reliable and accurate reading of the movements of the human body in real time.

The small sensors of the VR SUIT THE PSYCHO are able to cover minor gestures as well as large dynamic movements.


The built-in feedback system allows interactions to be transferred to the virtual world, increasing the effect of immersion.


The large capacity of the batteries ensures uninterrupted operation for up to 24 hours and the wireless charging function makes it easy to charge the equipment.

The tracking system THE PSYCHO Tracking consists of a network of optical cameras developed by THE PSYCHO Lab in our laboratory.

The determination of the position in space of each of the objects is carried out with a precision less than one centimetre.

Unique tracking algorithms work with unlimited number and location of cameras, making the system easy to install and expand to any area.

VR GUN HAPTIC THE PSYCHO is an ergonomic weapon with a feedback system that allows to obtain a realistic return of the shots.


Unique hardware and developed algorithms allow you to position the object precisely in space and in your hands.


All equipment developed in THE PSYCHO Lab passes a large number of tests and is also CE certified.









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